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At AGI EnviroClean we are focused on providing a service that protects the health and safety of both our clients and the general public. Equally important to us is protecting and preserving our environment for many generations to follow. We service all of Ontario and our fully trained staff and modern equipment adhere to all government regulations and ensure that the job is done right the first time.

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Fume Hood Testing

We offer the following types of testing to ensure your fume hoods are functioning correctly and safely: Inflow Air Velocity | Air Flow Visualization | Alarm Monitor Calibration | Cross Draft Testing | ASHRAE-110 (Tracer Gas) | Response Test for VAV Fume Hoods. We test Laboratory Fume Hoods to the CSA Z316.5-2015 standard following AIHA/ANSI Z9.5, ASHRAE-110 procedures and guidelines and to manufacturers specifications.

Clean Air Demolition

Clean Air Demolition is a management of air quality while removing building finishes protecting people and adjoining areas of the effects of harmful dust and other potential airborne particles. AGI Enviro Clean has developed a system which allows for the control of air in both the demolition environment and the adjoining environments. This system allows for clean demolition to take place in environments such as the food industry, medical industry and institutions whose primary users are the young or aged population. Protecting the vulnerable is the primary focus of system.

Asbestos Abatement

AGI Enviro Clean offers solutions for all of your asbestos abatement needs. We begin by preparing a project scope that outlines the applicable procedures for your project, including all references to the appropriate government regulations. This serves to inform our clients as to what the project specifically entails. It also serves as a check for our staff as they carry out their duties. Our employees are trained in all the required industry certifications and, in most cases, even more, than is necessary. All of our employee certifications are available at any time for verification by our clients.

Lead Abatement

AGI Enviro Clean can provide lead abatement in a variety of different ways. From dry ice blasting to chemical stripping to complete lead containing material removal, we are able to apply the safest, most cost-effective procedure to each project depending on that project’s specific needs. Disposals are always provided by a provincially licensed company possessing all necessary documentation as per the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act. Our employees are trained in all the required industry certifications and in most cases more than is required of them. All of our employee certifications are available at any time for verification by our clients.

Mould Abatement

AGI Enviro Clean can respond quickly to discoveries of mould in all types of environments. This is especially critical when the discovery occurs in an environment where the primary users are children and the elderly. Being able to service all of Ontario on short notice is a challenge we take very seriously. Our team of trained technicians and our mobile abatement unit are always at the ready to respond to calls of mould needing removal. It is important to state that mould grows all around us. There are thousands of mould spores present at any given time both indoors and outdoors. Some types affect us in a negative way. Mould-related health effects are usually problematic for people with respiratory problems and allergies. Sometimes people can display mould exposure symptoms which could be the result of this fungus being in a home or place of business.

Hazardous Material Testing

Testing for hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, and mould can potentially protect someone’s health from being affected negatively by dangers they may not even know are present. Eliminating the potential for a health crisis is beneficial to all involved. Protecting the health and environment of our clients is our top priority. We use a provincially accredited lab to test all samples and chain of custody forms are included in each document package given to our clients.

Air Quality Testing

We are able to provide air quality testing. We use a provincially accredited lab to provide all documentation, with clients receiving a copy of the lab report. Air Quality Testing can serve three purposes: 1 ) As an alert to a problem not yet detected which is impacting the quality of the air thus affecting the health and wellbeing of the occupants, and 2) As a check that an abatement has properly executed its duties in eliminating an issue that has/could have affected the health and wellbeing of the occupants. The content of the air you breathe significantly affects your quality of life, so periodic testing is of the utmost importance.

Clean Room – Design/Build/Install

We offer design/build services for Clean Room applications. With our manufacturing facility located in Central Ontario we are able to serve all of Ontario and Canada. Not only do we design and manufacture the clean rooms, we also install, making projects simpler for our clients as they deal with one supplier throughout the entire process.

Inspection & Consultation

AGI Enviro Clean provides an information based inspection to our clients, whether commercial, industrial, etc., to let them know if any further testing is required. This is site specific and can be discussed further to meet the requirements and needs of each client. Clients are sometimes unsure where to start when it comes to proceeding with a project, and for that reason we can provide information on some of the issues your project may present, including whether a hazardous material is present, or if there are certain regulations you may need to be aware of before proceeding.

Emergency Spill Response

AGI Enviro clean Ltd. has partnered with First Response Environmental to provide Emergency Spill Response services to all of Ontario. Our service is available 24 hours per day / 365 days per year. Our crews are trained in both marine and land spill response, utilizing the latest equipment and materials.

Microbial Fogging (Mold, COVID-19)

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General Contracting

AGI Enviro Clean Ltd. offers full renovation and new build services, providing the highest standard of safety, site management and workmanship. With access to all certified trades and management professionals, no project is outside of our capabilities. Adherence to strict timelines and budgets along with exceptional management-to-client communications, allows for a positive customer experience on each and every project.

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