Lori thinks about Lincoln going in his room and clenches her fists in anger, but breathes in and out like she was instructed to. Lori: Really? 3 0; Angry Luan Loud. In "Not a Loud", she tells some details about his birth. Lola: Ok, not everyday. Luna shoved Luan in the furnace in the basement when she heard Lincoln come down, telling her to hide. … Lori continues to pound on Lincoln's door and gets the attention of the other sisters. In "Season's Cheatings", Lincoln disguised himself as Lori to make him swap names with Luan. (kicks Lincoln's door open) Where is my phone?! Leni mentions Lincoln's bad message to Lori from the Get the Message episode. In "A Tattler's Tale", Lola makes Luan her jester. Because you're always going in my room. Luna corrects Luan about what her character wouldn't say, but Luan said that it's her turn, so no interruptions. Lynn got angry at Lori's comment and tackled Lori. Lori hasn't yelled at me. In ""Pipe Dreams", Luan was angry with Luna and Lynn Sr., because they played music in the middle of the night. In "Cover Girls", they both cooperated in preparing land zone with pillows for Lincoln. She about Lana getting mud on her dress again but this time she didn't get angry. FUCK YOU. Unfortunately, Luan, who was heading downstairs, overhears them venting on her comedy, and immediately becomes heartbroken, and sadly heads back up. In "Health Kicked", Luan allowed Lucy to hang onto her. In "Brawl in the Family", she believes that Leni has the right to be mad at Lori. Lynn: (shocked) What? You're usually better at this than me. In "Friendzy", Giggles is the first friend whom Luan invites over so that she can beat Lincoln at getting special privileges. This page describes all of Luan Loud's relationships with her family and friends. Lana walked into their room covered in mud and tracking mud on the floor. I was mad at Linc because he broke my phone. Lola: (sighs) Like I said before, I'll probably be angry everyday. In Luan's episode of Listen Out Loud, she pranks Lola by putting plastic wrap on the toilet and nailing the bathroom door shut. When handed to her, she tells the "science fiction stinks" joke. In "No Laughing Matter", when bugging Lori and Leni while they're in the bathroom, at the punchline of a joke, she flushed the toilet, messing with the water when Luna was in the shower, making her furious. She is voiced by Cristina Pucelli. In Luna's episode of Listen Out Loud, Luna finds Luan's puns annoying and so gets rid of the soundproof walls. With that, things just got worse in the next days. Luan Loud is one of the seven tetartagonists of The Loud House. In "Ties That Bind", when the kids all try to be quiet and behave, while Luan is miming cleaning, Lori irritably gives her a real broom to clean with. I'll clean it up. Rita: Great. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Battle Record 1.2 Possible Opponents 2 Biography 3 Personality 4 Nick Description 5 Death Battle Info 5.1 Background 5.2 Weapons 5.3 Powers and Abilities 5.4 The Joker 5.5 Feats 5.6 Weaknesses … In Living Loud: Summer School, one of her pranks destroys his school project, but she makes amends and Lincoln returns her fake spider and gives her some dimes. Just thinking about things that make me angry makes my blood boil. The Loud House: The Many Puns And Jokes Of Luan Loud. In "A Tale of Two Tables", she sat with them at the grownup table. 3 0; Angry Luan Loud. The third born and third oldest Loud sibling, she aspires to be a great rock and roll musician. Last, we cut a flashback of Lola having a tea party with her stuffed animals in her room. Every April Fools' Day, she becomes a sadistic prank-obsessed maniac … It seemed like a peaceful morning until.. Lori: (angry) LINCOLN! In "A Fridge Too Far", Leni tried to steal Luan's leftover brownie, but was hit in the face by a boxing glove Luan booby-trapped, making Luan taunt her. I got this. She then realized Luna meant by playing her guitar. Luan: I thought you needed to cool off. Today was the day that they'd all been dreading for the last few weeks: April fools day. Thanks for talking some sense into me. In "On Thin Ice", they went to a game with Lynn Sr. and Lynn Jr. in order to get funnel cake. In her own episode, she pranks Lynn with glue, a trip-rope, and itching powder. In "April Fools Rules", she shaves him, along with Charles, Cliff, and Geo. I was bringing it over to you but I tripped and it landed in the bathroom. She particularly loves pulling pranks on Lincoln. In "A Pimple Plan" Luan was afraid Benny would break up with her, if he sees her big zit, but he told that he doesn't love her for appearance. She pulls out her cellphone and puts on some relaxing music. See more ideas about loud, loud house characters, 14 year old. In Luna's episode of Listen Out Loud, Luna finds Luan's puns annoying and so gets rid of the soundproof walls. Lori: Yeah. Then, even knowing Luan was still in there, she bangs on the furnace. Lynn: Pfff! So I guess you can introduce her to your sisters. Lincoln: I would be, but I've learned to accept my sisters for who they are. Look at this! There are some characters inside the TV series story available to choose from this site. 1 Plot 2 Synopsis 3 Cast 4 Physical distribution 5 Trivia 6 References 7 Errors 8 Sources When Luan overhears her siblings complaining about her comedy, she decides to give it up. The sun rises over the Loud home, Lincoln wakes up, all groggy, and gets dressed for the day ahead. In "Anti-Social", Luan spends time with her dad by juggling together to help him get by without the Internet. Soon, Lori, Lynn, and Lola got to the last technique. It was a 10:00 AM at the Loud House as the Loud family rushed out of their home in a panic. The Loud Family (also called Louds) is a large family consists of thirteen main characters of The Loud House. When you exam your anger, you process it calmly without letting it take over your life. Lola: (disastisfied) Ugh. In "White Hare", Luan told Lincoln that he was funny. "This is my dress Leni, hand it back" said Lori who was very angry "No Lori, I want to redesign it" said Leni in a defensive manner. I mean, I gotta keep this family in control when Mom and Dad are out. Mrs. Relaxington: Honey, you shouldn't be angry everyday. Lynn opens the door and sees the school counselor. She particularly loves pulling pranks on Lincoln. In "No Laughing Matter", Lisa was afraid of Luan's pie pranks, but then, she instead congratulated Lisa because she finished her math equation. She was told to inhale and exhale like yesterday. This leads to them having a small argument, tempting both roommates to threaten Lincoln, who was literally in the middle of them. I should make up with her. Lisa: (calling from upstairs) Luan, run to the backyard! Lori and Luan do not often interact with each other, but their relationship ranges between good and bad at times. You look fabulous! I should have known. Just then, Lincoln noticed Lori's phone on the table and picked it up. Lola: (angry) I can't believe I'm missing my pageant classes while my other sisters get to do their usual activities. Luan cuts the rope suspending him, hurting her brother. She was the only one among all her siblings who believed that her pimple isn't a big deal and that Benny will still accept her regardless of her pimple. This made her very angry. Bobby: Don't mention it, babe. The kids and their teacher headed into the backyard and set out some chairs to sit on. Luan (Lori) - [trying to not get angry] What do you mean? She first showed Lucy her rejection letters, to make her feel better, then she gave her some advices about the artistic life, like "Sharpen Skills", "Formal Training", "Putting your Work Out", and "Thick Skin!". In the comic "Sam's Pick", it is confirmed that Luan, along with her siblings, are aware that Luna is bisexual and that her crush Sam Sharp is a girl, showing that, no matter Luna's sexual orientation, Luan will always care for her. She uses him to practice ventriloquism, and sometimes just likes to hang around with him. In "Changing the Baby", she tries to implement her interests on Lily, because she had nobody that share her likes. Charles dislikes Luan's jokes, but they seem to get along fine. Later, when a bird knocks over Lily's sundae, she tries to reassure her that she will get ice cream in the future. Think about how long you're going to be angry for. Leni: (grins) And Mom and Dad will like totally believe us! Lynn Sr.: They spend time with you and help you. 33K Views . "What … She plays with Lily while wearing her Groucho glasses in "Picture Perfect". Her feelings were at a new level of depression. Luan runs to the backyard and Lori is about to pyscho on her. Add to Favourites. Lynn: So what do you want us to do about it, Mom? "Thanks a lot, Luan," Lincoln snapped angrily, glaring at Luan. In "Cover Girls", she dresses up as Leni at one point and they even copy each other's movement. She gave him humiliating videos of him and he used them to be even. Angry Luan Loud by LuanLoud. Jun 23, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by KATSUKI BAKUGO. As long as yoy can cobtrol your temper, you can go back to your pageant classes. In Vacation Packin' Guide, she considers taking Mr. Coconuts to the beach with her, but changes her mind and packs her microphone instead because it's open mic night at the comedy club and she wanted to participate, and because she and her siblings were only allowed one luxury item each. In "A Pimple Plan", Upon discovering the pimple on her face, she came to Lori first for help. (laughs) Get it? Though it would be fun to put together this little video with most of her puns and jokes through out the show. In "Cover Girls", Lincoln dresses up as Luan at one point. 53 Comments. The phone goes flying into the bathroom. Lynn: Cause the stupid doorknob broke off again. In one of the Lincoln Vlogs, Lincoln tells the viewers that he doesn't want to egg Luan on by sharing his favourite of her jokes. In "In Tents Debate", they both want to go to Dairyland, and try to get Lincoln to vote for their side. Rated: Fiction K - English - Humor/Drama - Lincoln L., Lori L. - Words: 5,322 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 12 - Published: 3/22/2018 - id: … It seemed like a peaceful morning until.. Lori: (angry) LINCOLN! I expect comments. In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Luan accidentally gives Luna the flu by coughing and sneezing on her. Lynn didn't take her aggression out on me and Lola didn't threaten me. Luan can generate convincing illusions that fool one or more of the senses. In "11 Louds a Leapin'", Lily blows a raspberry at Luan. Leni enjoyed the fact that her siblings were getting along. In "Deep Cuts", they protest together to save the theatre club. Each are set in the house by 1216 Franklin Avenue, Royal Woods, Michigan. "Which is better for the reading, Eternal Sadness or Vacant Tomb?" By: ... Luan was ready to get Lincoln to 'smell her new 'flower', but he took it off her shirt, threw it on the floor, stomped on it, and told her to her face that she wasn't funny. She told she was excited to finally have a brother. In doing so, he admits that he likes her as well, and they finally do kiss. (snatches her phone from Leni) I should literally turn you into a human pretzel! Luan-Loud-Fans (Request) Lori is so ANGRY. Lori was shocked. In "Room and Hoard", Luna and Luan did a puppet show together with their old puppets. Lucy: Oh, ok. (in her head) That anger management must have paid off. Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House. Think about how long you're going to be angry. I also wanted to give a big thanks to AnimationFan15 for giving me the title, "Loud's Eleven." After the siblings wanted to get Luan back into comedy, Luna was acting like she needed a reason to make a rimshot, trying to get her roommate to crack a joke, Luan responds with, "Good luck with that" then left. In "L is for Love", Luan tried to get Benny's attention and show her attraction to him, only for it to backfire at first. This is my 8th fanfic, enjoy! In her Listen Out Loud podcast, she dumps fish on his head and in Lucy's podcast she tricks him and Lucy into thinking the cemetery is haunted. In "In Tents Debate", they both select Dairyland as their destination for their vacation over Aloha Beach and they try to get Lincoln to vote for their side. It's not good for my health. In Last Loud on Earth, she tells her the password is her birthday. In Lucy's Listen Out Loud episode, she pranks Lincoln and Lucy by trying to trick them into thinking the cemetery is haunted. Lola didn't do so well so she's gonna have to take another class. Lynn and Lori stopped fighting and stared at Lola. In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the grownup table. Leni, Lola, and Lynn also join in to form a group hug. By Vincent-Starman Watch. In "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", she laughs at his joke. Lola: Well, I don't. and they smile at each other. Lynn throws the ball past her sister but it bounces off the hoop. Lynn: (angry) And we're not going through with your sick plan! Lori looks at the new phone. In "Feast or Family", Benny, along with Ruby and Shannon ate with Luan. In "Cover Girls", Luan dresses up as Lucy at one point. Mrs. Relaxington: Lori and Lynn are doing well. In "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", they worked together to find the money. Lori gave Leni an irritated look before going to bed. Because Luan shares a room with Luna, and they both enjoy performing, they appear to be on good terms. (laughs) (Lori becomes insulted by this, but becomes angry) Lori: Well at least I tell better jokes than Luan, she couldn't tell a good joke to save her life! In "Funny Business", Luan revealed she asked Lisa to be her clown assistant, but she failed, due to taking the cake away from the children. Luan comes out of the furnace, completely dazed from the noise Luna made, asks if someone can answer the ringing in her head, then immediately faints. Here's the last technique. Angry Luan Loud by LuanLoud. Luan and Giggles are good friends, as both are comedy enthusiasts, and go to the same clown school. 1 Personality 2 Biography 2.1 Early life 3 Personality 3.1 Heroic Acts 4 Trivia 5 Navigation Luan is the fourth oldest child of her family, at 14 years old. In "Home of the Fave", Lily eats Lola's macaroni for necklaces. 8K Views. Oh, by the way, I was planning on bringing you a salad for our next family dinner but-. This makes me feel less relaxed. Unfortunately, this causes the pimple to grow in size, making Luan's dilemma worse. [shows his calendar] That's right, April Fool Day. Rita: I'm sure they can wait, honey. Mrs. Relaxington: Don't worry, sweetie. Abeiscool40's fourth gender swapped movie spoof of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Snow White - Milo James Thatch (Atlantis: The Lost Empire) The Prince - Kida (Atlantis: The Lost Empire) The Queen - Captain Hook (Peter Pan) The Old Hag - Charles F. Muntz (Up) Doc - Lori Loud (The Loud House) Grumpy - Lucy Loud (The Loud House) Happy - Luan Loud (The Loud House) Sleepy - Lynn Loud … By eagc7 Watch. However, he couldn't stand Luan's madness during "April Fools Rules" and hid himself in fear from her. Angry Luan Loud this is viacom. In "April Fools Rules", she shaves him, along with Charles, Geo, and Walt. when you copyright. Lincoln: But I need to make it up to her anyway. Luan is the only one who liked Lynn's little joke. She is a fun-loving girl with a fondness for comedy and practical jokes. In "Feast or Family", Luan asked Luna if she saw Mr. Coconuts, but sadly, she hasn't. Lincoln went upstairs and rushes to Lori and Leni's room but accidentally trips on one of Lynn's roller skates. - Leni said - We could have been damaged.Our poor brother suffered decuple, he took all her pranks for himself. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Luan wears a white sleeveless shirt, a yellow skirt, yellow socks, brown shoes, and 3 pink flowers. In "Vantastic Voyage", Lynn Sr. made Luan walk all the way home from school. 126 Favourites. ... Luan: Looks like my ratings are through the roof. Lincoln runs into his room and locks it. On some occasions she can get angry when drama unbreaks in her family; like in "The Sweet Spot," in which she fights against the others to obtain the best seat of Vanzilla, "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House," when Luan and the others destroy the whole house looking for money, or "Brawl in the Family," in which Luan and the others argue. In Lori's Listen Out Loud podcast, it's revealed that she and Lynn set Lori up with Bobby. In "No Laughing Matter", she eggs Lana and invites her to the Chortle Portal and, despite trying to resist, makes jokes about her breakfast after falling over. Luan, distraught and clearly angry that Lucy is stealing her lifelong dream, hugs her in a rather strangling manner, all while her eyes twitch, and mouth become jagged. Lori hugs Lincoln and he hugs her back. In "11 Louds a Leapin'", Luan caught Lori trying to open a Christmas present, and convinced her not to open a present until Christmas morning. Despite Luna being older, Luan sometimes tells Luna what to do. In "In Tents Debate" along with Luna, Lynn, and Lisa, Luan sided with Lana to encourage Lincoln to choose Dairyland for their vacation instead of Aloha Beach. I'll give her a call. Luan admits to him that she was just nervous about getting to kiss him, to which Benny admits he felt the same way himself. In "Party Down", Luan really wants to go to Lori's party and begs her to invite her. 42. Lincoln Loud as Angry German Kid Clyde Mcbride as Jake Rabdolf Ronnie Anne as Mary Slikk Lori Loud … Lori: You know what? Puns, puns puns, Luan has them all. On Sunday, she didn't bother to get out of her room and didn't try to talk to anyone. She pictured herself wearing a new dress. In "Cover Girls", Luan dresses up as Lucy. Just then, Rita came upstairs and also saw the fight. 269 Favourites. Well, I think you've learned enough. In "A Fridge Too Far", when Luan tried to steal one of Lincoln's leftover mac 'n' cheese bites, a booby trap makes a watermelon drop on her foot, breaking it and forcing her to use crutches. Lucy got a presentation in the Royal Woods Theater, making Luan feel jealous, and angry with her. She also plays a lot of practical jokes on them, some of which seems truly mean spirited, as seen in "April Fools Rules", "Fool's Paradise", and "Fool Me Twice", where she goes all-out on April Fools' Day. In "Funny Business", Luan revealed she asked Lynn to be her clown assistant, but the latter failed due to throwing a watermelon hard at the former. In "Party Down", the two of them attend Lori's sophisticated party, but gets kicked out after telling laundry based puns in reaction to Luna getting kicked out. Just think about one thing and breath in and out. They don't have many interactions, but they do get along with each other. Requested by Ren and Stimpy Parody … In "Come Sale Away", when the kids are trying to see who can get Lily's blanket back first, Luan throws a trash can at Lori to try to stop her from winning. See Lola, don't you feel better now that you've taken this class? In "Rita Her Rights", Luan uses Lily as a "sawing someone in half" act. They both have the same sense of humor and enjoy each other's jokes. He then fears that she will turn that into a joke by throwing an egg at him. She was dressed in hippie clothes and wearing sunglasses. Also, earlier in the episode, after Lori demands privacy and prompts her siblings to get out of her room, Luan comes back into the room and harasses Lori by mocking Bobby on the phone using Mr. Coconuts, making the puppet kiss her. digitalart fan_art fanart myart nickelodeon nicktoons renandstimpy digital_art my_art ren_and_stimpy theloudhouse luanloud loriloud leniloud the_loud_house lori_loud leni_loud theloudhousenickelodeon luan_loud theloudhousefanart. I guess I shouldn't be angry for too long. Clyde and Lincoln continue to watch the fight as Lori pins down both her younger siblings. In "Linc or Swim", Leni doesn't know the rules of the game "Marco Polo", much to Luan's annoyance. Luan picked up a trashcan lid, using it as a shield and braced herself for the worst until Lori felt something poke her butt. Coloring is one of the training activities to increase … When Luan confronts him about it, he admits that he thought she was uncomfortable about him playing Romeo. Lori: (banging on the door) Come out of there, you phone smasher! In "No Laughing Matter", Luan used Edwin to make a joke to Lucy, and Lucy just tells her not to touch Edwin. In "How Double Dare You! Lola, however, didn't enjoy the music. Much like everyone else, Lori is afraid of Luan's pranks in "April Fools Rules". In "Out on a Limo", she plays Peekaboo with Lily by messing with the partition window in the limo. ", when Mr. Coconuts insulted her, Luan gets a disqualification on being her teammate on playing Double Dare. Lola noticed the type of clothes she was wearing. In "No Spoilers", she jokes before saying she spoiled the surprise. It is shown that Lola can get extremely annoyed with her jokes. I just tripped on Lynn's stupid skate. Lori sarcastically agrees immediately after. In "A Fridge Too Far", Luan states that she smashed a pie in Lynn's face, which Lola was saving. In A Tale of Two Tables, she says his humor is mature. Angry Luan Loud this is viacom. In "Head Poet's Anxiety", Lincoln knows that Luan's dream is to be the youngest person performing at Royal Woods Theater. In Lisa's episode, Luan asks her for advice selling balloons. Lori noticed a small scratch on her phone. In "Any Given Sundae", Lily uses Walt to distract Luan from pranking Rita with a boxing glove, which leads to Luan being knocked unconscious. Luan sneaks up behind Lori and splashes her with a bucket of cold water. In "Head Poet's Anxiety", it is revealed that Luan has had Mr. Coconuts since she was very young.