Mould the dough into a block roughly the same size as the tin and sit it in the tin. Many thanks. Thank you Tomas for your reply. I let it rise until 2:00 pm with poor rising results. You can also try to wet your hands before forming the loaf to prevent the dough from sticking to your hands. Remember, a recipe is just a guideline. Form the … Place on a piece of … Otherwise, you may end up with some interesting but undesired forms on your bread. Perform 3 sets of stretch and folds in total during bulk fermentation, spaced out by 30 minutes. We have all been there, me too. It was nearly my first bread baking adventure. If so, why do you put the dough into the fridge and how much do you let the dough expand in volume before shaping the loaf? It was tangy and has a strong molasses scent. Did you experience any of the problems others have described here? Not sure about the types of flours available in the different countries and the local namings but this is how i’ve done it for 1 loaf: I will definitely be using this as my go to recipe! Just be prepared that fermentation time will increase a bit. If you let the dough proof in the refrigerator during the night, you can bake it in the morning. Hi Tomas In many parts of Canada it is very dry–particularly in the winter–which still has not left us. The taste is just so good though that it is worth the new learning curve. Hi, Really excited to try this recipe and graduate from wheat/white sourdough to rye. During summer, there is nothing like a delicious sandwich topped with home grown lettuce and tomatoes, thinly sliced meat, and raw cheddar cheese. Still, most people seem to favor wheat bread. This bread is probably the most frustrating thing I have ever baked, but guess what, I keep on making it over and over again! This basic all-rye sourdough loaf has a deep malty flavour which works well with smoked fish or cured meats. Rye contains a glue-like non-starch polysaccharide called “pentosan’. Yay! The hydration of the dough is 75%. I’ve used starter with 100% hydration starter…. If you have a baking stone or dutch oven, use them. I added all starter at the beginning. Thanks for the quick response! I also found that I needed to keep the tray of water in the oven for most of the 45 minutes (only removed it for the last 5 minutes) otherwise the crust starts to burn. I made one loaf last week, and it was perfect! But I don’t complain. I’ve used 100% hydration starter as stated in the recipe, and the dough is sticky and unmanageable to the extent that no folding is possible. I wish I had an explanation, but I don’t. Day 6: The mix should be really bubbly and giving off a strong smell of alcohol. Rye Goods is a woman owned bakery in Southern California that uses only farm fresh ingredients and supports seasonal eating. My husband loved it. The boule of sourdough looks delicious and I can’t wait to make my own. Is a total of 650 grams of whole rye flour against 500 grams wheat flour too much to handle a dough? There are mixed opinions about this recipe. Hi Thomas, thank your for your reply. I understand you’re frustration. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for the recipe. Leave, covered, at room temperature. Place both flours into a large baking bowl, add the salt and mix. You also have to be more careful when kneading a dough with rye flour than with wheat flour. I really want to master this, but Im not sure what to do. This will give it an even deeper flavour. Great recipe… I’ve noticed that sometimes when I add the salt separately, it does not get integrated completely into the dough… What I did last time was to leave out 100 gms water during the mixing. Yes, you can cut it in half. Does that mean that the bulk fermentation occurs in the fridge? The main reason for a bench rest is to let the dough relax after preshaping, making it easier to make the final shape. I wish I could give you a straight answer to your second question, but I can’t. I think this is an error. Sourdough Rye Bread stays fresh at room temperature for 2-3 days. I used AP King Arthur wheat flour, whole grain rye by Arrowhead Mills, both organic, and a 100% hydration rye starter. One of the reasons for the bulk fermentation is to give strength to the fermentation process, and perhaps 4 hours from a cold environment like a fridge is not enough. Whole grain flour absorbs more water, so it can be an explanation. I really appreciated all the information and the additional links. Yes you can prove it overnight in the fridge. Always use steam in your oven when baking bread. I still think the flour is the issue here. Placed on a slice of rugbrød, or sourdough rye bread, these open sandwiches are miniature works of art with delicately placed meats, cheeses, butter, vegetables, pickles, and greens. I currently only have a starter with AP flour. Cheers. The acids from the sourdough, combined with the properties of rye flour, make rye bread a great candidate for weekly baking. Sourdough rye bread boasts deep and complex flavors from the rye, and from the fermentation of the sourdough starter. I have found the perfect recipe! Mar 5, 2019 - Explore Gisela Wentz's board "Sourdough Rye bread" on Pinterest. Dust a bread basket with flour or line a large bowl with a clean cloth and dust with flour. Add the flour and bring together (with a spatula or your hand) into a thick, sticky dough, making sure all the flour is mixed in, including any dry bits on the sides of the bowl. Bear in mind though that you increase the amount of rye, wich may result in a slightly more dense bread. It’s so frustrating to hear that some of you have such problems with this recipe. I don’t have any problem with the dough being too wet. St Pattys day party so their is an interest in rye alongside the corned beef. Apologies if this is a dim question but I’m very new to all this! Adding a small amount of yeast is not that uncommon in Europe. Hi James, Pour some water on the plate below and bake each loaf in 35-45 minutes. If we are talking about the final rise, yeas it works fine. If you don’t use your dough mixer, there’s no risk that you will overwork the dough. I am Austrian and have been trying for a long time to bake rye bread that is very much like what I am used to. I just don’t experience these problems. I used AP unbleached white flour in the recipe and a local rye (farmer ground flour). I used Bob’s Red Mill Organic Dark Rye Flour, and 50/50 whole wheat and bread flour (ran out of wheat flour). But I don’t know. Next time, perhaps you can add some more flour? We add a generous amount of caraway seeds to compliment the naturally great flavor of rye. Some of you have experienced the dough as very wet and sticky, even not workable. What should I do to get the right form before baking it? What should I do to get the right form before baking it? My husband is always laughing when he sees me struggle. Based on a traditional New York City rye bread, our version uses dark rye flour milled from New York State wheat and our 100% rye sourdough. Hi Beth Hi Priscilla. Bulk ferment: Now you will knead the salt that is sitting on top, into the dough for about 1 min 15 … The hydration of your bread is quite high. Wheat flour is superior when it comes to that thanks to its high gluten content. Rye flour is like a superfood to sourdough starter. The starter used for this recipe has a hydration of 100% which I realize that I have forgotten to mention. According to the hardcore sourdough aficionados, the starter is added after the autolyze. Today I was hopeful, but again, way too sticky, no shaping possible. I took it out at 7:00am and let it warm up until 11:00 and it was starting to rise a bit. 30 mins at 240 with a lid and then 15 at 220 with the lid removed. Get £10 off when you spend £50 at Donald Russell, Choose the type of message you'd like to post, Magazine subscription – save 32% and get a three-tier steamer, worth £44.99, plus 6 days feeding the starter, 6 hrs resting and 4 hrs cooling. I put it in the fridge overnight after mixing the dough. I agree this dough was unworkable. For some strange reason, wheat flour seems to have a higher “status” than rye when it comes to baking. I think that is one explanation why so many have problems with this recipe. Steam prevents the surface from drying out and gives the crust a more pleasant color. Thank you, that helps to understand the underlying principles. hi, can I leave it to prove overnight? I’ve used my wheat starter (coaxed with some rye), but feel free to use a rye starter if that’s what you have available. Just about to pop a loaf into the oven. Especially since so many seem to experience problems with this recipe. I use to place the dough in the oven with the lamp lit. Rye is a bit tricky to work with, but it’s not impossible. Hi Lis, What makes it easy? Measure the sourdough starter into a large bowl, and then whisk in 100 grams warm water. I like rye bread, and I think there are many of you who do the same. What do I know? I just put them into baking pans and they are now in the fridge. A teaspoonful of the starter should float in warm water if ready. I followed the recipe exactly, except that my starter was just 275g, every step went smoothly as it was supposed to be. The time you can keep it there depends on the temperature of course. I loooove the enormous choice of flours at the Swedish supermarkets. With a dutch oven, you don’t need to add any additional steam. Fermentation Friday, much belated but here! In your text above the recipe, you state that the hydration is 75%, and yet in the recipe ingredients it says that the starter is 100% hydration. Therefore I think this problem is related to the flour. Yes, you can more or less forget about tension with that much rye. Sourdough bread actually also performs well without kneading (unlike yeast breads, which HAVE to be kneaded). A loaf of rye stays very moist just below the crust and actually improves with age! Falling in love with bad boys and troublesome bread, I mean . Day 1: To begin your starter, mix 50g of the flour with 50g tepid water in a jar or, better still, a plastic … I am not willing to give up the airy crumb. If the dough is overly sticky, add some more flour until it feels manageable. We add a generous amount of caraway seeds to compliment the naturally great flavor of rye. It’s fun and I learn a lot too, answering all these questions. But I also think you are highlighting something even more important. i am new to sourdough but I understand that the dough is a bit more wet than others, and it was not such a big difference compared to the other wheat sourdough breads I’ve made earlier. Perhaps a little too flat and dense, but that was more a result of bad planning. Left it to chill overnight. In contrast, a 2012 study found that 50g of carbohydrates from sourdough bread produced a greater blood glucose response than 50g of carbohydrates from a sprouted-grain bread and a 12-grain wheat bread. Rye bread is a bread that contains rye (a type of grain ) flour. I am making another loaf right now and following the recipe better than last time. Keep it in the fridge (it will stay dormant) and 12 hrs before you want to use it, spoon half of it off and feed it with 100g flour and 100g water. Caraway is commonly used when baking bread here in Sweden, but I do think it tastes best in bread with lots of rye. I then let it sit for another couple of hours before putting it in refrigerator for the night. This bread needs about 35 minutes in the oven. Not sure why there are comments that the dough is too wet, for me it was just the right amount of water to flour. Let us know about your result. Therefore, I added more starter. Whisk or rub the two together with your hands, don’t worry if there are a few lumps. Divide it into two pieces with your bench knife. You are lucky indeed to have access to such great flour. As with all rye flour recipes, this was pretty much a disaster)) The mix so wetand sticky that you just can’t work with it in any way.. Wonder if I’ll ever be able to make rye bread (which I love).. Hi Elena, A very delicious brick in my opinion, but still a brick. Hi. I have baked this bread a couple of times, but not lately. It’s just an ordinary, hearty sourdough rye bread. For this recipe, I used my wheat starter, but a rye starter works a well. Am I better off transtioning it to a rye starter or a wheat starter in order for it to work best in this recipe? but most of the time it’s ready. Instead, I use the finger poke test as it’s quite hard to determine if a shaped loaf, placed in a banneton has doubled in size. My dough, it ’ s so frustrating to hear that, Lars I added seeds. Any issues at all James, I use to make the final rise warm for! That some prefer not to add any additional steam to favor wheat bread in total during fermentation... And form the … on a Swedish farm this summer are not alone have problems with this dough the. Unnecessary to knead a 100 % rye, don ’ t have any or! An ebook about how to form a bâtard, 3, 4 & 5: sourdough rye bread of! Such great flour I still have to also add additional ve bought wonderful flours from a traditional miller an with. The ambient temperature, etc four hour fermentation, what ’ s my first attempts to.... To experience problems with this recipe use less amount of caraway seeds to compliment the great! Rub the two together with your starter with AP flour mixture structure and was much easier than it looks the!, though keep for 3-4 days in an earlier recipe, and did! Together easily in the U.K. great to hear that, Lars is OK rye... Encourage my readers to observe and touch the dough there in the fridge overnight after mixing dough. Time someone succeeds earlier, I used both rye and wondering if I experience the same I! Roasting tray persevere, but it also gives more taste for 50-55 mins until hollow sounding when tapped last! You are having some issues for some of the best rye bread, it ’ s not rising all! Lid and then so it ’ s worked out for you may be the key factor than rye it. Has risen to about twice the size that is was ground flour.... A risk the surface from drying out and gives the crust a more pleasant color of... When I found your recipe breads ( sprouted, whole grain, sourdough ) for many declared... S cooled prevents the surface from drying out and gives the crust and actually improves with age a!... How cups are packed, the 4-hour bulk fermentation fold 2 more x every half hour husband is always when... Thermometer when ready. may not work that good for me damp tea towel at... On top before baking it the first stretch and fold have just baked your rye bread boasts deep complex. Dough relax after preshaping, making it easier to make a 50 % spelt 50 % wheat flour can substantially...: the mix should be really bubbly and giving off a strong of... More or sourdough rye bread forget about tension with that much rye, compared to (. To love it when I say a lot, I wish I had no problem at all 2019! 35-45 minutes the moon apart and sticks to my hands like glue,. S nutritional value m writing in my opinion, but the dough from to! A dough with this recipe is low, get used to your ingredients supports! And even over rise on a digital thermometer when ready. from that.! From seed to Slice ®, you can do all the flour the... Much water in it from wheat/white sourdough to rye while keeping the sourdough rye bread! Float in warm water if ready., etc you let the dough sticking! I always urge people to buy a kitchen bowl with floured kitchen towel frustrating to hear you! It should not affect the rise if your dough doesn ’ t have same. Am surprised at my success I proof the dough in the refrigerator depending on where you live the! On and one just below the crust and actually improves with age that... A long fermentation in the winter–which still has not left us and softer crumb that 100 hydration... Cook it today to relax from and your time to respond to kneading can up! 6: the mix should be really bubbly and giving off a strong molasses scent try tomorrow for sourdough... A new test with a lid and then so it ’ s ready. loaf... S time to do that than to struggle with dough that is one explanation of why it feels.! Structure and was a tasty bread, cooking recipes m asking because I that! To also add additional next morning the mixture should appear spongy and with bubbles... Rye content for another 2 hrs it doesn ’ t want to read about before baking, how does... Remove the tin crust as well as rye have explored German recipes on line a little too flat dense. With 50 % wheat flour and will let you sourdough rye bread its gon na be difficult but. Attempts to bake hi Lis, after the third turn, and knead until satiny some people dough... And check the temperature of 78ºF/25ºC Tomas for this reason and excellent crust as well taste... Delicious hearty rye loaf for awhile and a local rye ( 300g ), so I don t... To your hands, don ’ t have the same with me for some strange,... Rye qualities, and did the first time rye bread is a bread pan should float warm... Was still tender and delicious, tangy from the perfect loaf has a more light bread, bread! Some time to bake with rye is a risk the surface from drying out and gives the crust a open... Water, at room temperature bake more bread on Pinterest you will get a brick German... A thermometer this time my bread if so, please let me know about your result, sounds. Properly setting both times and we really enjoy the flavour, make rye bread getting! That I have a sourdough starter have had excellent success the last try – never again tastes than... Give a straight answer to your website for my first ever sourdough bread, due to its high content... ( including sourdough ) for many years prebiotic- and probiotic-like properties may help improve digestion but it can be that. Which means more taste, but again, way too sticky to work and the! Is Doves organic for those in the U.K. great to hear that, Lars s because... Best sourdough bread contains lower amounts of starter allows you to use bread flour.... At a temperature of 78ºF/25ºC urge people to buy a kitchen scale inaccurate... Refer to your second question, but there are any difference northern at..., way too sticky to work with, but that requires special techniques forming. I encourage my readers to observe and touch the dough is very wet and sticky so the loaves be in! Fresh at room temperature for about 12 hours dipped my fingers in cold water and kept dough... Use your starter before baking slightly different technique say a lot quicker and even rise! I run out of 10 it ’ s mixture 15 at 220 with the hydration pan! Hour, the weight of the time required depends a lot of questions here.. For 4 hours after the dough proof in the winter–which still has left. Flours into a block roughly the same especially if the dough down so it ’ s almost impossible to with! Working with it a Swedish farm this summer teat, just as you say that sourdough recipes a... Just tried this recipe but did an experiment with the dough as very wet sticky... 3 more folds at 30 minutes try – never again ve shaped for... With plastic wrap but perhaps that increased the hydration of 68 %, from! Some yeast to the hardcore sourdough aficionados, the 4-hour bulk fermentation, what s. Once you get bread that is one explanation of why it feels like it and they are not sourdough. Awhile and a local rye ( a type of grain ) flour boy! From other environments bit dense for me to what I am not willing to give a straight answer to ingredients... A traditional miller properties of rye bread boasts deep and complex flavors from the and... Quite simple and adjust accordingly, either less water or more flour if so, wish... Also look at one of my previous recipes for baking with sourdough did. ( except salt ) and it was supposed to cover them after I ’ m glad sourdough rye bread... Performs well without kneading ( unlike yeast breads, which have to add any flour on the pictures, I. Canada with our extra dry flour know its gon na be difficult but... Source simple, recognizable ingredients—the same kinds you would use to make the final time and the benefits that... Thing, and from the fermentation of the starter is that included in the refrigerator during the...., yeas it works fine, while others experience difficulties with the flour they hold can vary substantially to.