Bike lanes provide little - of any protection from traffic. The problem is excerbated by the fact that in some stretches, the bike lane is the same as the lane for cars so there is no other option than for motorists to drive in the bike lane. The bike lane happened to be blocked by parked cars, a common problem. › 2020 › 03 › 30 › well › live › are-bike-lanes-really-safe.html The problem with this right turn lane is the angle of crossing. Around 20% of riders were observed using their phones while riding, 80% pulled out of a lane to overtake without shoulder checking, and a full 5% were observed cycling in the wrong direction the lane. Or a car turning right, past a bike … Governments at the local through federal level are having trouble operating and to sell the idea of building bike lanes, which quite honestly the general public do not understand the need for when there are other issues that needed tending to. Drivers need to look at their shoulder for a cyclist. To see what we mean, let's take a look at the bike lanes installed on Columbus Avenue from 96th to 77th streets in 2010-2011. The SWOV set up cameras at four major bike lane intersections in the Hague, and the footage revealed a variety of unsafe behaviors. Just last year, we had a death, a woman riding in a bike lane (aka the door zone) was doored, and then hit by a bus. Intersections are also an inherent problem with bike lanes, You have the situation of a rider in the lane wanting to turn left, and a car going straight. One of the biggest problems with a lot of cycle lanes in the UK is that they are littered with obstructions that make them impossible to use. Another issue is that these need to be funded. Whether you get a new bike, new shoes, new pedals, or change stem length, go easy at first to give yourself time to adapt. Portland, Ore., saw the biggest increase. But New York City desperately needs more bike-lane infrastructure, especially protected bike lanes, which separate cyclists & pedestrians from traffic by a … Image: Bicycle Dutch Image: Bicycle Dutch Instead, cyclists are kept on the right of car traffic at all times and the right turn is dealt with at the intersection instead. Despite his blinkered vision, I took the sentiment as a kind of progress, evidence that bike lanes are considered an integral part of the road network. Between 1990 and 2010, city's bicycle mode share increased from 1.2% to 6%; over the same period, the road fatality rate dropped by 75%.