We have the experience you need to make your project a success. ... Office & Storage. You just specify the units you want, or use the online planners we offer for many of the designs. 30 Standard Sizes – from 8’ x 8’ to 20’ x 40’. Whether you have a large commercial building or a small home office Modular Systems has … Total flexibility is yours. Getting the right office storage is often one of the most important tasks for an office refurbishment project. Burned-wood or charred-wood siding, Shou-Sugi-Ban is Japanese wood treatment used in various elements throughout Sett – interior and exterior. Easter. 2-wall units utilize existing corner walls to minimize costs while also providing an effective work area at your facility. THE BIG REFRESH ... Modular System (88) Shelf (48) Wall Hook (47) Pinboard (32) See More. Look for larger bookcases and modular storage collections for the dining room or family room—think slim, open-backed shelves for more modern spaces, or opt for a more traditional wall unit with glass doors to display wine glasses, dinnerware and decanters. And if you’re not confident about creating your modular furniture, … Browse Pottery Barn's selection of wall storage including wall shelves and wall racks. Our panelized wall system not only allows endless layouts but also allows you to install these new offices into your facility as conveniently as possible. The binder post not only works as a way to fit wall panels together but as functions as a chase to run electric and data lines through. Create more storage space by utilizing PortaFab's load-bearing system or integrating a structural mezzanine. PortaFab’s modular building systems provide nearly unmatched flexibility when it comes to industrial construction. Modular Storage for the Home. Material. Prefabricated buildings are also great as portable guard shacks. Endless Number of Modular Office Wall Layouts Our modular office walls utilize a panelized wall system with each panel linked together with a binder post. Work With Modular Office Experts. Select from 3 desk styles, 2 cabinet styles and 5 Credenza sizes to fit your work and storage needs. Our modular office walls utilize a panelized wall system with each panel linked together with a binder post. We also offer wall panels that can serve as office walls for conference rooms in a modular office setting. Our standard pre-engineered systems and components can be used to create a wide variety of offices, inplant buildings and enclosures that maximize space utilization and performance while minimizing cost and disruption. 3-wall units can attach to an existing wall to cut expenses while also providing all of the flexibility you need. Based on the environment and purpose of your insulated wall systems or prefabricated shelters, InPlant will customize a Modular Office, Equipment Enclosures or … Using our composite wall panel system, our wall facings can have a variety of colors and finishes in order to be seamlessly integrated into your building. Start with either a 3- piece starter kit, or customize with Wallys and individual compartments to best suit your needs. InPlant’s systems are available in 1.75˝ or 3˝ thickness and come in either anodized extruded aluminum or painted steel. These simple, convenient wall systems are easy to install, and can completely reshape your office without the hassle or mess of standard remodels. All of these features also come with guaranteed little to no downtime for your facility. Gifts. Modular Office Buildings & Prefabricated Buildings - create additional office, manufacturing or storage space by adding an additional modular building inside your existing building and qualify for accelerated tax depreciation. Create more storage space by utilizing PortaFab's load-bearing system or integrating a structural mezzanine. The newest of our modular office collections, Sommerville's airy louvered drawers give that casual Friday feel to your home office. Click or drag a file to this area to upload. Designing your modular furniture is easy. Mezzanine units free up valuable floor space while allowing management a better view of the operation. It’s a very ergonomic unit that can be hung even in the smallest nook and you’ll get a complete home office! Modular Storage Systems Our range of modular storage systems is designed and manufactured in Italy by the leading Italian designers and offers a range of stunning and innovative storage solutions to suit the contemporary home. In a collaborative work environment, modular walls allow for the open plan concept paired with the management of noise and distractions. Sale. A modular office can provide a quiet and comfortable workplace for personnel. Perch is a smart magnetic home wall organization storage solution that is perfect for desk and office organization, urban gardens or arts & crafts storage. Call Us AT 800-636-3873 or Request a Free Modular Office Wall Quote. Modular Storage Units With Desk Tops There exist some special wall-mounted shelving units that also include a desk top below, the whole construction is attached to the wall. Or call us for help finding out-of-the-box solutions to your unique challenges. Modular Office & Storage Systems We have over 20 years delivering office and storage system solutions to businesses and homes in Newcastle, Gateshead and across the North East. It is one such piece of furniture designed with a different form of storage features with stunning looks. © 2021 PortaFab Corporation All Rights Reserved, ISO Standards & Microelectronics Cleanroom Design, Cultivation Rooms for the Cannabis Industry. Airports also use modular wall systems to create on site wall sections when storage … Featuring a highly efficient design, these modular workstations are an incredibly popular choice for offices everywhere. The binder post not only works as a way to fit wall panels together but as functions as a chase to run electric and data lines through. Our popular "Quick-Ship" program capitalizes on our integrated modular system design and interchangeability of parts which allows us to ship 80% of our in-plant office orders within 5 days of order approval. Available now. THE SPRING LOOKBOOK IS HERE GET INSPIRED. Storage Cubes Find storage options to suit rooms of all shapes and sizes by choosing cube storage from our brilliant range. Whether you need wardrobes and chests of drawers, a desk or filing cabinets, bookcases and wall storage, media units for the TV, or a larder, you’ll find modular units that can be put together to give you the perfect piece of storage furniture. Office Storage. However, our modular office walls can fit into a variety of different facilities, ranging from commercial offices to educational facilities. Seamlessly build custom modular wall units, shelving units, entertainment centers, office furniture, room dividers, and storage. With the wall systems delivered to your facility prefabricated, you will have all the materials needed to instantly get your wall system up and put to good use. As a company grows and gains experience it also gains an increasing amount of resources, materials and paperwork that needs to be organised and appropriately stored. In smaller rooms, including condos, apartments or townhouses, look for leaning shelves that save floor space while providing vertical storage. Coupled with Panel Built's fast, Three inch insulated wall panels in choice of white, gray, and champagne, 22 gauge galvanized top decking and suspended acoustical ceiling, Framing and all connecting hardware always included, 3-0 x 7-0 20 gauge steel with 20" x 30" window and hardware, Electric package includes junction boxes, breaker panel, light switch, duplex outlets, and 2' x 4' fluorescent fixtures, Reusable, re-locatable, and expandable design, Easy and fast installation with minimal facility disruption, Load bearing storage roofs available with the option to add more office space above in the future, Solid construction designed to withstand even the most harsh manufacturing and military environments. Modular Office Buildings with Roof Storage Modular InPlant Buildings Select InPlant’s 2-Story Plant Offices or Modular Warehouse Offices with load-bearing roof storage with load capacity up to 125 pounds per square foot and utilize the roof space for a storage or production area. If you need to ask design or specification questions or need access to specifications and drawings, please click on the links below. PortaFab modular office configurations include 4 wall, 3 wall and 2 wall units plus two story modular offices and mezzanine modular offices. EverBlock Is A Modular Wall Solution For Every Application. Create Your Perfect Office Today. This binder post + wall panel system ensures that our prefabricated wall system can perfectly match up with the office layout that you're looking for. EverBlock’s modular wall systems are used by corporations both large and small to create beautiful and unique office spaces, build temporary walls, cubicle dividers, desktop partitions, long hallway separators, modular furniture and so much more. Panel Built's modular structures are often used in military, manufacturing, and warehousing environments. IKEA’s shelves and cube storage units are the perfect solution to organize everything in your home, from beautiful objects you love to display to the essentials you just need to keep track of. Sleek, simple, sensible: Our modular dry-erase Acrylic Collection works like a charm. Create the work environment you have always envisioned without costly and time-consuming building alterations with architectural wall systems from Modular Office Environments. It's up to you. 8’ or 9’ wall height. By using modular you are saving cost while having a more durable wall surface, better fire rating and sound deadening options, and superior flexibility. About Us; Distributor Center ... Office with Storage Space. PortaFab's load-bearing wall systems can be used to create two-story inplant buildings without a structural mezzanine. • Ex… Click on the links below to contact one of our team members, find a local rep or download specifications. Find a place to store books, magazines and blankets in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. Crafted hardwood and fine oak veneers give each piece in this collection a beautiful, crafted feel. Cubis is a Modular bookcase using a cube structure offering flexibility as open bookcases or incorporating sliding doors. 92 square foot SIP panel, modular, backyard office. SONGMICS Cube Storage Organizer, 16-Cube Book Shelf, DIY Plastic Closet Cabinet, Modular Bookcase, Storage Shelving for Bedroom, Living Room, Office, 48.4 x 12.2 x … With crystal-clear designs and matte black details, each component works together to manage your daily tasks while keeping your workspace open and airy. Our collection features a large selection of different shelving options, from box shelves to modular shelving options, in a wide variety of sizes to match your personal taste and space needs. The modular study table is none other than the functional and focal point of the workplace. With a modular in-plant office, ... End wall steel supports for two story and storage roof designs. Design one large work area, or subdivide into separate offices. We're Happy to Help With Any Questions You May Have! The Semblance Modular System allows you to create unique modular solutions for storage, office, and media use. Available in various finishes, the Cubis offers the perfect storage solution for every kind of office environment and can be flexible to different layouts because of the functional modular system. Modular Workstations & Office Cubicle Systems Work smart and get things accomplished by adding modular office furniture including desks and workstations to your office or business workspace. Coupled with Panel Built's fast modular office lead times, we provide some of the quickest space solutions in the industry. Take A Tour of One of our Modular Office Wall Designs. No exposed steel roof support beams like our rivals have; WirePak: modular wiring system for lights, switches, and outlets (not partially wired like our rivals) The simple storage solution that fits neatly behind any wardrobe door. These products can all be used in a variety of settings, like giving you a quick and easy to design private space. Modular Office Wall Partitions. PortaFab has been helping companies utilize plant space more effectively for decades and we are happy to have our design team review your needs to come up with the best solution for your specific application. Contact our modular systems experts for information on how our systems can meet your needs. With the wall systems delivered to your facility prefabricated, you will have all the materials needed to instantly get your wall system up and put to good use. Create a new conference room or private office at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. Shou-Sugi-Ban wood siding and Monotread wall sheathing. Organize any room of your home with chic modular storage. Modular Office Walls Fit into Many Environments, Endless Number of Modular Office Wall Layouts, Quickly and Easily Installed into Your Facility, Our panelized wall system not only allows endless layouts but also allows you to install these new offices into your facility as conveniently as possible. To provide details about your project, you can fill out the Request Quote form or request a call/visit from a PortaFab dealer in your area.